The One Day Guide to San Francisco

 I recently showed two friends from Portland all around San Francisco and the day went so smoothly that I had to share. It not only was smooth though, it was a blast! So here is my one day guide to SF! 

We started the day at around 11/11:30 and went straight from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate so we started at the furthest end of the city first. This way we wound up towards the Bay Bridge when it was time to head back into Sacramento. I absolutely love Chrissy Field and the old military buildings so we started here.

We then followed signs for the walking path that leads you to the Golden Gate and walked halfway across the bridge. It was such a beautiful day and the city was truly showing off. This was, somehow, something I had never done before (at least from what I remember) so it was fun to incorporate something new for the person who has done almost everything in the city.

 We then drove over to the Marina District/ Cow Hollow for some more incredible views and lunch. My friend Stephanie had seen that a coffee shop recently put in Rifle Paper Co.'s pineapple wallpaper in this area so that was our main attraction. We walked to Umami burger from the coffee shop and had the most amazing truffle burger as well!

 How fun is the wallpaper?? The coffee shop is called Wrecking Ball Coffee and you should definitely stop in next time you're in the city. 

 We then went to Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies! Unfortunately the park is under construction so you can't sit and admire them from the park slope but they're still fun to look at! 

 San Francisco has the largest Chinatown and exploring this area was something the three of us had never done so we figured, why (k)not?! (had to) It was quite the experience to say the least. We also walked into Little Italy and the church of Saint Francis (the patron saint of San Francisco) just to look around. I felt like I was back in Italy for a minute and walking into all the little churches in tiny alleyways throughout Italian towns.

We ended the day in the Mission District at Dolores Park. We picked up some smoothies and Acai Bowls from a place right down from the park and ate them sitting on the stoop as dinner. I think sitting at a park and people watching is one of my absolute favorite things to do. 

There is still so much more to see in that beautiful city but we definitely hit some great spots and never felt exhausted. I don't recommend doing a city like SF in just one day, but if you have to, I think planning it out a bit like this is the way to go! 

95% of these photos come from my talented friend, Dominique!! Check our her instagram HERE!

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