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Going to Charleston has been a dream of mine for quite some time. If you look back to THIS post (hello 2013), you'll see that I've always felt that Charleston was a kindred spirit kind of city. For my sister and I's graduation trips, we spent 8 days around Charleston. Our home base was with our cousin on Seabrook Island just south of Charleston and we took day trips into Charleston, around the greater Charleston area, and to Savannah. I'll do another one day guide for Savannah but for now I want to share with you my little guide to Charleston. 

I had done a LOT of research prior to our trip on where I wanted to eat, shop, drink, and walk around. So that's how I'll break this down! This is going to be a guide for the greater Charleston area since we spent a decent amount of time not specifically within the city of Charleston. :)

T I M E   T O   E A T!
(obstinate daughter!)
 1. Minero- delicious Mexican food!!
2. The Ordinary- best oysters of my life. Pricey but worth it for HH oysters!
3. Cru Cafe- delicious, fresh food that was a HUGE crowd pleaser
4. Obstinate Daughter- on Sullivan's Island and 100% worth it. I got the Lieutenant Dan pizza!
5. Beardcat's Sweet Shop- yummy gelato right below Obstinate Daughter!
6. Monza- amazing pizza 
7. The Daily- their breakfast tacos were unlike anything I'd had before.

(the ordinary- in an old bank!)

W H E N   Y O U   N E E D   A   D R I N K

1. The Watch- rooftop bar!
2. The Ordinary- they specialize in rum based cocktails!
3. The Living Room- at The Dewberry hotel and the people that work there are THE BEST
4. 48 Wine Bar- on Kiawah Island and they let you taste so many different wines all at your own pace! 
5. Rise Coffee Bar- so cute and they had some delicious latte flavors
6. Firefly Distillery-  on Wadmalaw island and they have a sweet tea flavored vodka and 1000 other delicious flavors.
(Rise coffee bar)
** there were so many more places I wanted to try but my sister is still underage and we didn't want the whole trip to be centered around alcohol and cool bars ya know?**
   T I M E   T O   E X P L O R E

(Boone Hall Plantation)
 1. South of Broad- the CUTEST homes. I could walk around there for hours.
2. King Street- shopping!
3. Boone Hall Plantation- loved the tours and the grounds were un.real.
4. Angel Oak- so cool
5. Sullivan's Island- the beach as well as eating at Obstinate Daughter!
6. Cannon Street- walk down Cannon St. and go inside the cute shops. I liked Cannonborough Collective (the shop owner was SO sweet), mac & murphy, and Sugar Bakeshop. 

** we also toured the Calhoun Mansion and were NOT impressed. I would not recommend paying the money to tour the house. I ADORE touring old homes and plantations but this looked like a hoarders dream and our tour guide was pretty rude. The new owners have JAM PACKED the place with old artifacts. Just an FYI.**

Overall, Charleston was a dream. As I mentioned before, we spent a decent amount of time on Seabrook Island (the beach is pictured above) but I also saw so much of Charleston and totally get why people love it! I can't wait to go back with a group of girlfriends sometime. 

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