Real Talk: Little Pieces


Do you ever feel that there are pieces of you spread throughout the world and until you live in those places for some time, you’ll never become whole?

Ever since living in Italy I feel this. I believe a part of me grew while living there and a part of me left and will always reside within that country.

I believe a part of me lives in Charleston, a place I’ve never seen.

I believe a part of me lives in Portland, Oregon.

A part of me lives in Sacramento.

A part of me lives in the Bay Area.

A part of me lives in Tucson. 

A part of me lives in Nashville.

And I believe a part of me lives in London, also a place I’ve never seen.

There is some small part of my being that truly believes each of these places hold a little piece of me. Somehow these pieces add up and will help develop me into the type of person I aspire to be.

It’s like picking up puzzle pieces or little treasure maps. Here’s that piece you’ve been looking for. Attach it to yourself and continue your journey.

When I look at pictures of rainy London and historic Charleston, I see images of myself wandering the streets, drinking tea and snapping photographs. I see me happy and free and developing into myself.

Something in my heart tells me these places have home-like characteristics and will teach me something about myself. My actual home will always be where I am loved but my temporary homes hold promise as well.

Pick up a piece and leave one there. I guess that’s growing up. 


darcisays said...

Found you through HCBN :). I love this post and feel the EXACT same way! I studied abroad in London almost two years ago (omg) and definitely left a part of myself there. I also "live" in New York (where I grew up), Miami (where I went to college), and Colorado Springs (where I live now). And, actually, probably just about every city in Europe I've ever been to, lol. It's rough being homesick for so many places!

MMB said...

Love this! I totally agree with you. I am such a wandering soul, and I kind of love the feeling/itch to discover more of myself in these new/old favorites.

Well said, Allie!

My name is Lydia said...

i appreciate that you chose london, and not the typical paris. london truly is charming and dreamlike. good choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I love this post! Well said, I'm totally with you. I actually have left my heart in USA(now there's pieces in New Jersey, in California, in Seattle and in Washington State are), I live in Finland and couple of years ago lived in the States, and even before that I felt I should have been born somewhere there(even living in Scandinavia is not that bad, in general sense). Everyday I'm dreaming I could live there again!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Kat /

lauren jean allece said...

I know exactly how you feel. Exactly. Before I finally found home in Oregon, I always knew there were parts of me scattered - but in a good way - all about the world Places I knew that I could be happy, even without ever having been there. And the adventure of collecting those pieces and finally finding the place where you find home and put them all together? It's pretty great.

If you ever want to come collect the pieces in Portland let me know, you know you've got a friend here!

Kelsey K. said...

Yes, yes and yes! I've definitely had this feeling, too, especially lately as I've really been missing studying abroad in Florence! Also, since I'm trying to figure out where I'll be next year, it's exciting to know that I could add a new home to the list!

Allie said...

I get a bit of a different feeling from traveling. It doesn't feel as though I have pieces of myself in many places. Instead, it's like traveling is one thing that has the power to bring me back to ME, and reflect honestly upon myself.
♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise