A Little Update

photo from Tumblr

hi. hello. ciao. 
i really don't want this space to be one of negativity and would prefer it to 
be a space for rainbows, butterflies, and pictures of Joseph Gordon Levitt, but that's
just not always possible. 

i'm currently pretty torn. my academic life isn't going as well as i believe
it should, i'm stressed more than smiling, and i feel that something needs to change.
i don't know if taking a break from blogging will help that or not but
it's worth a try. i really just need to focus on schoolwork, friends, work, and
my relationship with God at the moment. 

i do hope you understand. and if you've experienced something similar,
how did you deal with it? 

and just think, in 4 months i will be in Italy with beautiful pictures
and stories to share for all!


Catherine said...

Those are awesome things to focus on. I completely understand the stressing more than smiling. Make sure in all of that focusing to take time to laugh and do something for YOU. You are amazing, Allie! Good luck with everything!!

Nicole Marie said...

gotta do what makes me happy. relax, breathe, one day at a time... countdown to italy :)