Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
I'm thankful for...

1. An amazing roommate who knows that magazines and
Hostess cupcakes are the perfect remedy to a bad day.
2. My job (as much as I complain about it somedays) because I credit
it for my new found appreciation of Tucson.
3. My ability to study abroad in Italia next semester. (It's actually happening!!!)
4. My family for being with me ever.single.step.of.the.way. Seriously, they 
keep me going. 
5. This beautiful weather in Tucson we've been having.
6. All the many opportunities and blessings I am given every day. 


laurenjeanallece said...

Oh my gosh, where in Italy?! Studying abroad it the BEST thing I could recommend to anyone in college - seriously, there is no experience like it. Congratulations!

Nicole Marie said...

where in italy??!! so exciting!!

Allie said...

Orvieto!! It's an hour outside Rome! I. Am. So. Excited.