I Know I Said I Won't Be Blogging...

But something BIG happened today:

It all starts my junior year of high school when I'm feeling overwhelmed
with school golf, AP classes, the decisions of college, friends not making
any sense etc. Most days I would come home, lay on my bed, and turn 
on the Mumford & Sons album and just zone out. Become one with the 
music, the beat, the banjo. 

I can honestly say Mumford & Sons helped me through so many rough patches
in high school from the death of a grandparent unexpectedly and 
crying my eyes out on the way home blasting "White Blank Page", 
feeling so stressed I feel I can't breathe, listening to "Sign No More,"
driving around knowing I needed to break up with a boyfriend and 
it all making sense once I listened to "Awake My Soul,"
, and then moments like blasting "Roll Away Your Stone" early in the morning 
with my sister just so we would wake up for those blasted zero periods.

Each song off their last album brings back such intense memories for me
and I can't wait to create new memories with Babel. 

So, yeah, I think you should go download this album.
I'll be listening to it non stop and possibly crying in the process
from the sheer beauty of it. 

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Tamaras Blend said...

I love them too, can't wait to hear the new album.