It's Officially Fall

because i made homemade apple pie

it was delicious and super easy to make. it was also our first time baking
something besides cookies in the house. now that apple pie is crossed
off the fall list and the weather in Tucson is BEAUTIFUL, 
it is officially fall in my book. 


Allie said...

oh my GOSH are you kidddddding? im inviting myself over for dinner.

Eliza :: Case Study said...

Oh my gosh you are my fall inspiration!! I'm crazy about the season as a whole, some might say a little obsessed, but I've never actually made a real apple pie. I have it on my to do list this year though: "Bring someone a pie" - I can only hope it's as adorable as this one. xoxo! eliza

Ashley said...

Ahhh that looks divine!! Mouth is watering SO yummy!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Sara Lee has nothing on you and that apple pie!