Some Pretty Big News...

I'm Officially Going to Italy 
Next Semester!!!!

I can't believe my acceptance letter has finally come
and that in January I will be setting off on the adventure
of a lifetime. I'm going to have to try even harder in Italian
class now. :) 

I've been to Italy before, the summer before my Freshman year 
of high school with our family friends and I feel so blessed because
my friend that I went to Italy with the first time is also studying abroad 
at the same time!!! She'll be in Florence and I'll be in Orvieto. Here are 
some incredibly awkward photos of me and my family on our last trip. 

And this will be my new home in January:
Orvieto Italy - Fog - Day
source: Here

General View of Orvieto, Italy
source: Here

I seriously can't believe this is happening officially. I also can't believe I thought
it was ok to buy a Pinocchio shirt last time I was there. Oh yeah, because we 
didn't have any of our luggage. That hopefully won't happen this time :)

Have you studied abroad before? Any words of wisdom?


Catherine said...

Congratulations, Allie!!! That is SO exciting and it will be such an amazing experience for you. I want to travel to Italy someday. Way to go on making your dreams happen! :)

Taylor Morgan said...

how fun!! have a great time :)

love from NYC,


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Sara Louise said...

That's exciting news! Have fun learning and exploring your beautiful Italian surroundings, it's going to be a wonderful adventure :)

Nicole Marie said...

wow!! so beautiful! you are going to have such an amazing time! i studied abroad in florence

Kelsey said...

First of all, just came across your blog and it's adorable! Secondly - I'm studying abroad in Italy next semester, too! I'll be in Florence! I should be studying for finals but Italy is all I can think about these days! Best of luck with the rest of your semester :)