Life Lately...

A lot has happened since my last time I've really posted. 
So I thought I'd keep you up to date so when I return to 
blogging like normal, there won't be too much to catch up on. :)

First up,

I cut my hair pretty drastically and am loving it.

My dad and little sister came into town and we had a whirlwind weekend involving 
Biosphere 2, Tombstone, seeing Looper (SO good!), a football game, and 
many delicious dinners and lunches.
 I bought a large amounts of flowers and dispersed them around the house
filling whatever containers we had. (like a lot of Coke bottles)

 Last night I saw The Head and The Heart with a bunch of friends
and it was a beautiful concert. I love a band that doesn't need theatrics 
to prove that they're good because they are already too good. Their harmonies
were perfection.

And lastly, I found this place in Tucson that makes you feel like you stepped
into the Bayou with folk music playing, twinkly lights, and trees
canopying everywhere around you. 

What have you been up to?


kat said...

i LOVE all of this, but especially your hair - stunning!

laurenjeanallece said...

Your hair looks great - and love the flowers! In college I always had a vase of stargazers in my room to brighten it up (and make it smell just heavenly!)

So happy that life is so beautiful for you!

Stefanie V M said...

Allie, I've wrote you before telling you how much I enjoy your blog, but somehow forgot to answer back...
Anyway, I'd love to read about your upcoming adventures in Europe! (What are the plans, for how long,..?)
I'm living in Spain now, so if you should ever make it here, let me know! And if you need advice what to do in Austria, I'm your girl tambien! :)

Allie said...

Hi Stefanie!
What's your email? I'd love to let you know what I'm thinking of doing in Europe! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I would LOVE to visit Austria!

Allie said...

THE HAIR. its just too cute.

Kelsie said...

YOUR HAIR! i love your hair! and oh my gosh, that last picture looks dreamy. What an amazing find!