Celebrating Early

So this happened.

My roommate and I decorated for Christmas a little bit. I am one to believe
that Thanksgiving and Christmas can coexist and so that's why
we didn't take down our pumpkins, we just added a Christmas tree 
(or two) to the mix. A lot of this had to do with the fact that Arizona had 
it's first cold spell this weekend and I grasped on to that and ran with it.

But because Arizona is out to get me (I kid), the weather should be back
up to the 80's by Wednesday. Yaaaaaay...

Anyways, here is our roommate Christmas card 2k12 starring
the one and only diva dog, Charley. (Who is so unamused
with this position we put her in.)


LeeLee said...

What a cute blog title you have! I too, decorate for Christmas around Thanksgiving. It's just fun to start early. :)

Nicole Marie said...

i want to decorate my apt so bad but i feel like it's such a money waste to buy decorations when i'm going home for two weeks for christmas and then will have to just throw them out when i move home

Allie said...

I agree. Most of the decorations I have are from the dorms last year. So I didn't go out and buy decorations only to go home for Christmas.

Steph Sterjovski said...

Love! How did you make that deer head!? Or did you pick it up from somewhere? I'm obsessed :)

Britta Marie said...

this is so cute! i cant wait to start decorating for christmas!