Things This Fall Have Taught Me


Without a doubt, God has a plan. And it's perfect. 

Sometimes the hardest moments are the ones you look back on and realize
they were also the largest growing moments. 

But sometimes they are just hard and miserable.

Your mom can heal any wounds and pick you up off the 
ground when you've (almost) thrown your hands up and said,
"I give up!"

Your dad can give you the greatest words of wisdom and the best
pick me ups without even saying the words.

Your sisters can put you in your place and remind you that your 
problems are not that bad.

Sophomore year is difficult.

And lastly, sometimes you can't have it all and other times it sure
feels like you do. 

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Denise Lopatka said...

love these truths. so glad to have found your blog girl! xox have a great weekend!