Let's Talk About Grad Dresses

Ok guys. Holy moly am I obsessed with Camilyn Beth dresses right now. Have you
seen her feature in The Everygirl? If not, get over there right now because you will immedietly
jump on the bandwagon once you hear her story and then peruse her website for 5 hours.
(Not that I did that...)

Last week I did my degree check to graduate in December (whaaaat???) and decided to walk
in the school-wide ceremony this upcoming May because there will not be one in 
the winter. Because of this I had to purchase my cap and gown (a mild panic attack followed)
and ever since I've been obsessing about a graduation dress. 

If I could get my hands on a Camilyn Beth dress for graduation, I would be one happy girl.
These are the kinds of dresses you treasure because of their high quality craftsmanship
but also feel beautiful in.

So what do you say, 1 (the Fresh Air dress), 2 (Ampi dress in peach), or 3 (Ampi dress in navy)??

1 comment:

LaTonya said...

The back of the Navy one is so unexpected. You could definitely go straight to a party with that one.