The End of an Era

 or should we call it the end of my reign of terror?? (just kidding)
I'n going to get all APO on ya'll right now but this blog thing is a journal of sorts
and has to document this moment. :) 

On Thursday we initiated the pledges into Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity I'm a part of,
and my little made it through (the girl in the photo above)! So proud of her. :) 
Thursday was also the night I gave up being one of the Service Vice Presidents and handed
the role over to someone new. I will miss being a part of this crazy group of eboard but
am excited to see what the next eboard has up their sleeves. 

On Sunday we had banquet and got to all be together one last time before the semester ends.
It was a blast and we all got to be our goofy selves and I just feel so blessed sometimes
my heart could burst. I am so grateful for APO in my life and I truly credit my experiences
in this fraternity with my general love of college thus far. 

Find something you love, and everything else shines a little brighter ya know?

Ok, scrapbook collage over. :) I hope you survived. 

{the facts: dress- old F21 but this one is kinda similar/cute, necklace-also older, kinda similar}

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Valeria Armendariz said...

I absolutely love you. Thank you for all of your help and your huge heart. Banquet was really the perfect way to end the year.