Skirt the Rules

I'm currently obsessed with this Evelyn Henson print and how it completely applies
to my life motto right now. There are no actual rules that we need to be following, 
so create your own guidelines and live your own life! And if you are doing so 
in a striped shirt, then you are doing it right in my book. :)

Might have to purchase this print with my first paycheck from my new job!! 

Happy Tuesday!


a day with kate said...

Hi Allie! This print is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog after reading the Everygirl feature. It's so ironic that you mentioned your sister going to Point Loma, because I actually work there! That's the day job, and Odd Daughter is a side job (for now...)! Anyways Point Loma is one of the most beautiful spots in San Diego, so you're lucky you can visit your sis there! :)

a day with kate said...

Ha - apparently my google account is still connected to my old blog.. but this is Katie from Odd Daughter.