Just like the rest of the world, I created a bond with HIMYM. It hasn't been a consistent
relationship and no, I haven't seen every episode but this show was there for me when
I needed it. 

Freshman year was a mixed bag of emotions and I was fairly certain I was going to transfer.
One of my favorite memories though and one of the things that got me through would be 
laughing in my dorm room with my two roommates over the silliest of things and one
of those things was HIMYM. I would be in my bed watching it on my iPad and one
of my roommates would be in her bed and we would be watching either the same episode
or at least the same season and pausing every so often to literally laugh out loud and
tell each other what just happened.

Many a nights I would turn to HIMYM on my own even and it would instantly cheer me up
and I would soon be chuckling by myself and looking like a crazy lady. I texted my old roommate last night to see if she was watching, (she was) and it brought me right back to 2.5 years 
ago like it was yesterday.
. And then I realized how quickly college has flown by and, well, that'll just be another story. 

So thank you How I Met Your Mother. Thank you for 9 seasons and a show about 
friendship above all else. 

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