Over the Weekend

This past weekend I walked in my school's general commencement ceremony 
because there won't be a school-wide ceremony in December when I'll actually
be graduating. 

Here are some photos from the day:

(the middle area says 'Future SLP' in Scrabble letters)

My mom flew in for the event and the whole day leading up to the ceremony was perfect. We shopped, drank wine and then we both got ready with a bunch of my close friends and headed to the stadium.
I have to be honest though, the actual ceremony was one of the worst experiences because
it was poorly planned and took over 1.5 hours to seat all of the graduates while we
waited outside the stadium, in the heat, to be escorted inside. It's a shame because many people
 look forward to that moment all their life and to have it ruined by poor planning is disappointing.

Fortunately for me, it wasn't the end and I still have one more semester and a smaller
ceremony to attend in December. Also, we actually ended up leaving early because
we were hungry and I was feeling slightly dehydrated so we went to dinner and 
had a blast after that. 

Sometimes you need to take what's presented to you and turn it into something better like a yummy
meal with your mom and close friends. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

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