Memorial Day Weekend 2014

This past weekend was perfect. (and now it's another weekend and let's just say I'm pretty bad at blogging). I flew home to Tahoe to be with my family and it was the perfect
ending to a semester and the welcoming of a Tucson summer.  There is nothing like the sun
shining off that lake with the snow capped mountains in the background. I will 
forever feel completely at peace when I am there (cue the cheesy photo).

We all became fairly obsessed with the paddleboard my mom recently purchased.
(sorry for the crazy amount of instagrams anyone who follows any or all of us)
The house was right on one of the channels into the lake and we spent hours
paddling each other and by ourselves. 

Spending time back up in Northern California always makes my heart ache a little bit
but I know my time in the desert is coming to an end startlingly soon and 
I plan on enjoying every bit of the goshdarn dry heat that it gives me. 

Every time I am with my family now for little gatherings, I am reminded that those are
exactly what they are, little. But how fun is growing up and becoming best friends with
your sisters who no longer bug you but always make you laugh and will definitely break out
those embarrassing stories at the drop of a hat? (and ok, we definitely still bicker sometimes) 
Also, the relationship with my parents now that I'm older is something really special. 

Growing up is hard work but it definitely has its fun moments that squeeze through. 

Aaaaaaand real blogging for the week, done!

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