When I wear white, I go all out. This shirt is from Gap and is so cozy. The little peplum
bottom is subtle and adds a little bit to an otherwise white tank.
I really like being rebellious sometimes and wear white immediately after Labor Day.

 (messy hair, don't care)
 I hope you appreciate how messy my hair is in all of these shots. It was monsoon-y all day
and the humidity was out of control. Also, just so you don't think I'm a natural at taking these
photos (because you totally were...), the shot below is one of the many photos taken that day
that should never see the light of day.

You're welcome. 
Also it looks like he is shooting me.

Would you wear all white after Labor Day?

{here's the facts: shirt, pants- similar, necklace- Tucson gem show, shoes-similar}


Allie said...

I would deff wear white after labor day, and i love your messy hair don't care!

Allie said...

I totally wear white after labor day and I even have a post with a white dress after it! I love your all white ensemble =D

Allie said...

You really suit all white, I love the peplum!