Plaid & Simple

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I absolutely love plaid. (Remember this post?) I have been watching Outlander 
and all of the plaid on the kilts has me wishing for those plaid loafers or that
perfectly adorable dress. Or, you know, all the above. :) 
Maybe I'll add those loafers to my Christmas list early. 

I thought this post would also be appropriate with Scotland voting for independence
right now. I have yet to go to Scotland but it is on the top my list of places to go 
the next time I'm across the pond. I would love to see the Highlands and 
and revel in the culture. 

Are you a fan of plaid? Have you been to Scotland?


Allie said...

those loafers are ADORABLE. scotland is actually next on my list as well, i'm dying to go to the highlands!

Allie said...

I love plaid too! Those loafers are amazing! Such a great fall shoe!

Allie said...

I know, right? I would definitely not complain if those shoes were in my closet. ;)

Allie said...

The Highlands seem so gorgeous! Plus living in the desert currently, the idea of overcast skies and some Scottish rain sounds amazing!