{Why Knot} Do a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Redo

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The downstairs bathroom in my parents house has always been the most dramatic bathroom in the home. When we moved in the original owners had a beautiful French themed wallpaper all throughout the room and a huge gilded mirror. I loved that bathroom but my mom quickly got tired of it. One day she decided to see how easy it would be to rip off the wallpaper and ripped one piece off but then left it like that for at least a year.

A couple of weeks ago she told me that since I'm home now, it's time to redo the bathroom. So one morning we locked ourselves in there with the shower filling the room with steam and we went to work. Unfortunately, we didn't think too far ahead and the room has now been wallpaper-less for a week and a half. Not very attractive.

So these are our ideas! The first one is Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere's powder room wallpaper that I absolutely fell in love with. It's ultra dramatic and makes you take notice. Unfortunately my dad was not as excited about the room being filled with flowers. So then I thought of marble....
(classic me and my marble obsession)

I did some digging through the internet and found this incredible marble wallpaper. I LOVED the light blue but my dad still thought that was too feminine so we are going with the black & white. (yay!!)

I knew we would need a new mirror because the original one really only worked for the previous wallpaper. I would love to go really simple and get the Eleanor frameless mirror from Potterbarn in the oval and have it hanging. My mom kind of likes the West Elm one (the 1st one) but I'm trying to convince her to go simple because the wallpaper is so dramatic.

Hopefully we will be ordering the wallpaper within the week and I can show some before and after shots soon!

Any thoughts? What kind of mirror do you think we should do??

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Allie said...

All of these are so gorgeous! I had to give up that Target mirror when I moved and I am so sad about it!