So you need a new tote bag...


 First off, can we talk about the name of the picture? It's great, right? haha I had to.
This weekend my sister gave me a mission. She asked for a bag she could bring to the beach, throw her laptop in, maybe a book, and be ready to go. At first I read this as she needs a weekender bag so there's a post coming with all the weekender bags you could ever need on Wednesday :) You can thank her later. I'm just going to call this ~~~bag week~~~! 

Anyways, it was the perfect mission to give my mind a break in between assignments and readings. I looked at my favorite totes and went from there. I have and swear by the Madewell Transport Tote (the brown leather one!) and get compliments on it all the time. It holds a lot and looks cute! My only complaint is that I worry about getting it dirty or messing up the leather. If you want a splurge, go for that one! But speaking of splurges, Target has a new brand Clothe + Stone and they made the red bag above and the stuff is CUTE! Check them out!

The other tote I have and LOVE is the Baggu striped duckbag. This thing is the best. I have traveled with it, thrown it around, packed it to the brim, you name it and it has survived! My only complaint is that it doesn't have a zipper so when you put it in front of you on an airplane, I always worry things will fall out. But it's only $26!! I feel like the striped Baggu carryall (the one on the left) would be a great option for traveling and it's still an awesome price! They also have a backpack version that's adorable!!

Also, the grey leather tote from Nordstrom is all the rage. So many people have this bag because of it's price and it's reversible. When deciding if I wanted the Madewell Transport Tote or not, I saw that most people compare it to the Nordstrom bag. I do have to mention, I didn't want the bag because it had a weird and noticeable smell. Not a leather smell either.... You be the judge of that. 

This is getting long winded but here are some of my thoughts on good totes! I think everyone should have about 2 totes that they love and can switch out. I think having one with a zipper and one without would be ideal. For someone who hates to check my luggage, the zipper for the tote that I shove below the seat in front of me with my little purse, laptop, many miscellanous objects, etc. is key! 

Where is your favorite tote from? Was this helpful? 

(reading this through, it sounds slightly ridiculous to be talking about tote bags this much but you know what, totes are awesome and I'm just going to pretend this isn't trivial. Pretend with me?)

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