Take me to the farm!

 This weekend I went to Sauvie Island, just northwest of Portland, and did one of the best October things someone can do: GO TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH! It was a beautiful fall day with big, puffy clouds above and so many adorable children running around trying to find the perfect pumpkin. (I, on the other hand, was realistic and knew I have about 0 time to carve a pumpkin unless a scheduled event is made so just bought some Trader Joe's pumpkin bread to settle the craving)

I was in line waiting to get on the hay stacks when the driver asked me, "Do you know who made this tractor?" To which I obviously replied, "Uhh, John Deere?" (#iknowmycountry) and it was right! So I got to drive and let me tell you, this wasn't one of those things where you "drive" and really it doesn't require much effort. Oh nosiree, we took 3 big turns on that thing and at the first turn the man turned to me and said, "Now don't freak out or anything but you need to make a real wide turn and you've got three rows of people behind ya..." No pressure. 

BUT, I did it and the next 2 turns were a piece of cake. :) So much fun!!

I'm so glad I've made friends who enjoy going on adventures to pretty farms and force me to step away from the chaos that is school. I guess you could say I'm #Blessed. 

Did you do anything October-y this weekend? Please say you ate something with pumpkin in it!
Also, PSA: THESE are really freaking yummy.

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