Procrastination Nation Over Here + Links

I am full on procrastinating right now. My mind currently sounds like, "You just took two quizzes, take a break! No, Allie. Don't take a break. Must. Keep. Working." (Repeat 10 x's)

It's a fun time up in here. 

Anywho, IT'S FRIDAY! What a week though, amiright? I did some of my first speech and language screenings as a grad clinician yesterday and the kiddos were so stinkin' cute. And then today I went to a retirement community with my cohort as one of our class assignments and I got to hear some amazing stories. This is such a classic example of the scope of an SLP. One day you're with preschoolers and the next you're with 80 year olds.

I better wrap this up quick so I can get back to being productive, so here are some links that I have enjoyed in my other moments of procrastination:: 

1. Anthropologie has a blog (so it's beautiful, obviously) and they feature inspiring women on it. They make beautiful videos to go along with the interview and you can check it out HERE

2. A neat ARTICLE on self-care because we all kind of suck at it, don't we?

3. When I go grocery shopping this weekend I plan on purchasing some coconut oil for the first time (I'm soooooooo behind with the times) and THIS ARTICLE shows you how many cool uses coconut oil has. 

4. Oh man you guys. THIS SONG gives me allllll the feelings. It's currently overcast and this song fits in so nicely with that mellow, candle-burning vibe. Also, harmonies. 

5. Are you a fan of the ugly cry? I am. Maybe that's because I have "overactive tear ducts" but I think there's nothing more therapeutic than a good cry. THE VIOLET FOG talked about it on their website and it's hilarious. Also, love their website and the fact that they represent the Bay Area. Woo!

 Ok. I'm done. Have a great weekend!

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