The Perfect Weekender Bag


flowers, black stripes, green, gingham, navy, blue stripes, blue bag, monogrammed

Remember last week's post when I said it all stemmed from my sister asking for a bag to take to the beach? Well I originally thought she wanted a "weekender" bag and I went on the hunt for the perfect one only to find out I was wrong. BUT! I gathered together some of my favorite weekender options for everyone anyways. :)

Maybe you are heading off to the mountains for a peaceful weekend or you're going to someplace tropical. Either way, we all need a good weekender to hold our belongings but also look cute at the same time. #priorities

I love the monogrammed white, navy and leather bag on the bottom right but if that price is too steep  (as it is for me), the Target options are also great! I love the striped ones the most but I think that comes as no surprise.

I also bought the navy and leather one in the middle as my assessment bag for school and with a price like that ($25!!!), it can't be beat. It holds a decent amount of things as well!!

Do you have a favorite brand for a good getaway bag?

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