Summer Adventures: Cape Kiwanda, OR

 If you follow any PNW Instagram accounts then you've probably seen the famous rock at Cape Kiwanda. This beach has been on my list for a while now and I'm so glad I finally went. The place totally blew me away. The giant sand dune, the beach, the carved rocks from years of rough ocean exposure, the adorable families and even the cute little town stole my heart. I would love to rent a little cottage here and spend a solid week doing nothing but enjoying the waves and warm sand. 

 My friend and I packed a little picnic because we had been told there was little to no food available (though there was definitely a brewpub, a pizza place and a little market). We stopped at New Seasons before heading out and got deli sandwiches, some Underwood wine and Ashley bought this amazing rose chocolate. It was as delicious as it was beautiful! 

 This little babe was the cutest!! We were enamored with this little family. Little boys are the cutest flirts. 

 We finally found the famous rock (I'm standing on it) and let me just say, it was extremely difficult climbing to the top of it. I am no rock climber and both Ashley and I struggled quit a bit to take the shots. Also, climbing back down (somehow ever more difficult than climbing up) I completely scratched up my stomach and arm. But worth it for the shot. ;) I've just always found people standing on the rock and they make it look seamless so I'm pulling back the curtain a bit. 

We could not have asked for a better beach day though. It was probably low 70's the entire time and because it was a week day we didn't have to deal with large crowds. The best kind of day trip! Definitely add this beach town to your list.

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