Summer Adventures:: Seattle (again)

As one of my last trips of the summer, some friends and I planned a big trip up to Canada. One of our friends has a cabin on Vancouver Island near Qualicum Bay and invited us to join her. It was my first time up in Canada and boy do I have lots of photos to share.

But first, we stopped in Seattle. 
My friend Bridget is from Seattle so we picked her up and spent the day in the city. The first day we got in we explored the University of Washington campus and ate at the amazing Hot Cakes. I definitely recommend this place for some of the most decadent molten lava cake you'll ever have. 

(the UW library!!)

On the second day I was dead set on eating a delicious doughnut at General Porpoise. I bought the chocolate marshmallow and split it with my friend as well as a sparkling chai. It was as unique as it sounds and equally as delicious. 

We continued to walk around Capital Hill and stopped in Little Oddfellows again so I could show my friends. But we were soon ready for some of the classics and headed to Pike Place Market. 

For lunch a friend and I had a Beecher's grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It was to die for. Not kidding. We all grabbed lunch from different spots and sat on the grass facing the water right next to the market.

We spent a good amount of the day walking around this area and even went to the gum wall! It was disgusting but definitely an experience. We also stopped by Rachel's Ginger Beer and had a delicious ginger beer on tap! I recommend stopping by there for sure. 

To end the day, we were craving Mexican and a view so we went to Little Water Cantina. It was so good and the view was amazing! 

As our last stop we went to Gas Works Park to watch the sunset. The moon was unbelievable that night and totally caught my attention. I spent a long time trying to get the perfect shot. 

Overall, it was another short and successful trip to the emerald city. Next stop: Canada!! 

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