The One Day Guide To Seattle

Just as I did with San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to give you a jam packed one day in Seattle itinerary. I've been to Seattle only three times but each time has been filled with different experiences. I've really tried to make each trip unique and, if possible, not cover the same ground twice. 

So here's one day in Seattle! 

8:00 am- My friend lives an hour and a half away from Seattle so we started out getting coffee at Blackbird Bakery and took the Bainbridge Ferry over to Seattle. This was my first time on a ferry and it was so much fun! 

10 am- Drive into downtown and shop a bit. My friend had to try on a bridesmaid dress at Anthropologie (they have a BLHDN!!) so we did some window shopping there and at Nordstrom (the original!). 

11:30am- We are now starving and decided to head into upper Queen Anne neighborhood for some delicious lunch at Bounty Kitchen. The food was fresh and healthy and the decor was adorable. I got the roasted cauliflower salad and Steph got the Potlicker bowl. Both delicious!! I also got the lemonade and, as a warning, it was extremely tart but still delicious. :)

12:30pm- Kerry Park is right around the area so we headed there next with full and happy stomachs. We took some pictures, admired the emerald city and then found the intern house from Grey's Anatomy. #becauseobviously 

1:30pm- We then went to Gasworks Park to see a slightly different view. That park is so funky but really fun to check out. Don't forget to see the Fremont troll under the bridge on your way out. Definitely a fun quirk of Seattle. 

3:00 pm- Steph wanted ice cream from Molly Moon's so we went to their Capital Hill location next. I got my signature waffle cone with no ice cream #lactosesensitive and we walked around quaint capital hill a bit. 

4:00 pm- We ended our stroll at Little Oddfellows for some of the cutest decor and mugs I've ever seen. The coffee shop is inside a bookstore and they serve all their drinks in these adorable mugs and unique saucers. There's book wallpaper, fiddle leaf plants and a picture of Jane Austen on the needless to say I was hooked. 

5:00 pm- We saved the best for last though. We ended our exploring at Bar Melusine, still in Capital Hill, and I died and went to perfect design heaven. This place is expertly designed from top to bottom. When you order a drink they write it down on custom notepads for goodness sakes!! I can't gush about this place enough. We also got some oysters because it seemed necessary being close to the ocean and they were delicious! I would love to eat a full meal there or next store at their sister restaurant, Bateau. Also, the same owners own General Porpoise and that's next on my list of places to go. 

Also, if you've never been to Seattle, Pike Place Market is a must see, there's a Storyville Coffee there as well that is supposedly adorable and fun, the Starbucks Reserve shop if you like your Starbucks, the University of Washington campus is beautiful and, as always, I would recommend asking a local for recommendations because they know what's up. :)

(hover over any of the restaurant mentions and you'll see they link to their website)

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