Summer Adventures:: One Day in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada has been on my list of places to go for a loooooong time. This was my first time to Canada and it definitely won't be the last. 

I thought I would organize this post like I have for Seattle and San Francisco and give you one full day in the city. :)

 First stop: Granville Island! 
We had a slower morning and got to the island by about 10:30/45 and hit the ground running. I loved walking around and poking our heads into little shops. The large market was filled with stands that all looked enticing. We grabbed lunch inside the market at one of the food stalls, which was perfect for a group of 6 girls all trying to decide what to eat. I chose fish & chips and can't recommend them enough.

Next stop: Kitsilano Beach! 

It was a pretty hot day and the water was looking very inviting. I loved seeing all the children playing in the waves and doing things I loved to do and found so much entertainment in as a child. Also, I can't get over the mountains that surround the city!! I think I asked my friend a thousand times what all their names were. They took my breath away!! 

Next stop: Coffee break at 49th Parallel!

My friend, Ashley, and I did some research before the trip on a couple places we definitely wanted to stop at and 49th Parallel was one of those spots. If you're a coffee fan, you need to put this place on your list. It was delicious and just the cutest! Also!! They had doughnuts! It was such a fun surprise to stroll up and see all the fun doughnut flavors. I settled on the root beer float flavor and I was not disappointed. 

 If you haven't caught on yet, I have a thing for mountains. ;) But really, I can't get over all the mountains surrounding the city!!! So beautiful!

Last stop: Gastown!

We had heard this was a fun place to visit in the city and I would definitely agree now. I loved all the brick buildings, fun shops and restaurants in this area. It reminded me a bit like parts of Portland, especially with all the hipster-looking people we saw and unique oddities. 

I found this shop, Old Faithful, on Instagram and knew we needed to stop in. It was carefully curated and had a fun mix of items but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I love going into shops that carry items from around the area and this place mostly had items from New York or elsewhere. It was cute but I didn't want to buy something that wasn't from the city itself as a souvenir or sorts. 

We found some of the work buildings! 
We noticed as we drove into the city that Vancouver seems to be a city of high-rise condos but where were all the high-rise business buildings?? Where do people work? Just something we found interesting. :)

And that's it! I would love my next stop in Canada to be Whistler or Banff or to go back to Vancouver Island and visit Victoria. 

Canada, thanks for being grand!

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