Let's talk about the Oscars...

First of all, The King's Speech won!
So exciting! I got 13 out of 24 predictions
right for my film class. I'd say those were pretty
good predictions considering I can never guess the foreign films or the
sound and art direction nominations. I give up on those. But this year I really
tried to stay up to date on the movies and this made me appreciate
the show even more.

But more importantly, let's talk about gowns!
Honestly, the best part in my opinion.
1) Hailee Steinfeld's princess dress. Elegant and age appropriate.

2) Hilary Swank's beautiful sparkling gown. Look at those feathers!
And lastly, Natalie Portman's beautiful and unique gown. I love
that she didn't flaunt the pregnancy and instead went more subtle.
And I love the color.
And to end, I thought I'd bring some '90's memories back to you.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Amanda Show.

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