Mind if we talk about college?

No? Ok good. Because it is really the only thing on my mind
anymore. Oregon vs. Washington. It's on.
3 Reasons why Washington is awesome:
It's in Seattle. Coffee and city life. Enough said.
Stunning architecture. It looks like Hogwarts!
More opportunities for internships in a big city.

3 reasons why Oregon is awesome:
They're the ducks. Enough said.
The architecture is fantastic! Architecture is a huge part for my
decision process. It has to feel like a college campus and remind me
of UNC Chapel Hill basically, since I can't go there for undergrad.
All of which, Oregon does.
Major football school. Which means major school spirit. I like this
a lot.

Some negatives include:
1. Super bad weather in Seattle and pretty bad weather in Oregon.
(definitely more rainy in Seattle)
2. I apply to the Speech Therapy program 2 years in at Washington.
Meaning I may not even get into my desired program.
3. Eugene is 2 hours away from nearest big city-Portland.
4. I have to find a car pool for Oregon and I fly home from Seattle.
(Flying seems easier yet more expensive.)

Thoughts?? Please help!

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