This time last year...

Last years February Break (Presidents week, or a fancy
way of giving us days off because our school board has no money)
my family and my cousins family went to San Diego,
Long Beach, and L.A. (or more importantly
Disneyland) I was one of the best breaks I've ever had.
Just look at the pictures and the video and hopefully you'll
understand as to why:

Long Beach state. It was alright. I ended up not even applying there though.
SAN DIEGO! La Jolla to be exact.

So beautiful.
Disneyland and classic Splash Mountain
Fun story: My cousin and I had a bet that it was faster
to walk from New Orleans Square (in Disneyland) to It's a Small
World and he thought it was faster to take the train. But anyone
that goes to Disneyland an obsessively large amount of time (cough me)
would know that the train stops a bunch of times and is therefore a lot slower.
So we decided he would take the train, I would walk and we'd see who won.
Well I cheated and actually ran, and was so proud of my accomplishment
running through the park, with 4 other kids in tow, not being stopped by security.
All we needed was epic Indiana Jones music and it would have been wonderful.
But then Tommy (cousin) didn't meet us even relatively soon after we left him.
This is where panic ensued and I thought I lost a 14 year old boy. Until 30 minutes later,
he arrived out of no where saying, yes the train is definitely slower.
Mission accomplished. Don't take the train to get you somewhere sooner.

Now here's a video I made of the trip.
Song is "Many the Miles" by Sara Bareilles.

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