Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Guys, you are all in for an awkward and awesome thursday.
I hope you are as excited as I am about this because I've
got one SUPER awkward story for you. :)
So sit back, grab some kettle corn and read.

so my friends and i were meeting up with our other 2 friends for lunch.
me: "hey, where are they seated?"
seth: "i just saw them. just go straight."
me: "ok!"
well, when he told me that, my brain somehow determined that the two
people sitting at the table directly in front of me were my two friends we were meeting.
but the thing was... that i did not know those people at all. but my brain, this weird, confusing brain, literally turned my friends into these random people and i almost sat down at this random persons table without even thinking. then this happened:
me: i found them! "blah blah blah" babbling as usual
seth: "allie...what are you doing?"
me: look to people in front of me as i am about to sit down at their table and my face turns from happiness to pure confusion. i had NO idea who this person in front of me was and he definitely didn't know who i was and was SO confused that i was about to sit down with him.
me:"I am SO sorry!"
friends: "bahahahahahahahahahahahah!"

than to make matters worse, my friend monica did the SAME EXACT THING!
But she even hovered her Chick-Fil-A bag over their table all ready to sit down
right as she realized she didn't know these people either.

moral of the story: my brain changes people's faces to match the ones i'm looking for and
i am a completely awkward and embarrassing person.

(did this even make sense? it was slightly traumatizing)

1. my classes are all finished!
2. I got my dad an awesome Toilet Golf game for Christmas. (Exactly how it sounds
is how it is.)
3. My friends and I are celebrating the end of the semester by
dressing up and going to dinner.

Note: all these events happened yesterday but needed to be saved for awkward and awesome Thursday!

Hope your Thursday is awkwardly awesome!

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