Memorable Pictures from 2011

My friend told me about these pictures that are on Buzzfeed
right now and I just had to share a few. Most of them
are pretty depressing but as photography, I think
they are beautiful. Here are some that I chose to share:

And that's how my heart melts.
This is so disgusting. This was at UC Davis and that is really
close to where I live at home. The fact that the police officers
sprayed people directly in the face with pepper spray
baffles me.
This was a dust storm in Phoenix and I think this is stunning
yet scary!
9/11 memorial on the 10th anniversary
aerial view of the destruction in Japan

What are your thoughts on these and of everything
that happened in 2011 in general? :)

1 comment:

Whitney Cosgrave said...

wow, so much has happened this year. It really makes you want to re-evaluate what's important and to help others...and to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you :)

Thank you for sharing.