Clothing Obsession

I know I have posted on my obsession with
Kate Middleton and Pippa's clothes before,
but they just posted a compilation of her outfits on People
and I honestly wish I had each of her outfits.
They are classy and beautiful.
Her wedding dress takes the cake for most beautiful gown
for the year in my book.

I dream about this dress.
And the flowy-ness of this one.
Red hat and shoes? Genius!

And now Pippa!
I want this coat.
and this coat.

I may or may not have a coat obsession
and I am totally ok with it.

Whose clothes were you crushing on this year?



Whitney Cosgrave said...

I can't get over how chic and put together these two are. I love all of their outfits, seriously.

Allie said...

I know!! I want their closets!

Allie said...
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Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

yay for going home!

and goodness-both those middleton sisters know how to DRESS! i really do wish i had all their outfits too!

Courtney Lane - Blog said...

Ooo. I would love to own...all of that! Especially Pippa's bright blue coat!