A Thursday Afternoon

New hurr. (hair) And yes, those are my new Disney pajamas as well.
Oh yeah, and may I introduce you to Baby, my camera.

the cutest little street you ever did see

my go to place for tea and a fruit and cheese platter

I have decided two things.
1) I love my town and this beautiful place called Northern California.
2) I am a Thursday person.
Good things happen on Thursdays. Example: We finished
painting my room and I found a special something or two for
the room. (Pictures of the Before room will be up tomorrow.)
Contain your excitement.
Right now I'm sitting in my new room and listening
to Frankie S. sing me sweet songs on my record player.

Also, what are you doing New Years Eve?


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Love your new camera! I got one for Christmas too and I am in LOVE! Are you from Folsom, CA? I live in Sac and that cute little town looks like folsom :) Hope you had a great New Years Eve! And PS- those pjs are amazing!


Allie said...

Yeah I do live in Folsom! :) Hey neighbor! Thank you and I hope your New Years was fantastic!