I'm back. Remember me?

Guys, life has been busy. Which is good! But in the mean time
I haven't blogged very much at all. A lot of this is also because
Blogger takes a million years to upload the photos I want
on a blog post. Then I get upset and frustrated and never write the post.

So what have I been up to lately?
1. Crafting

2. Spending times with friends and family

3. Going downtown as much as possible (I'm in love)

4. Working

5. Working a second job where I get to admire weddings as I serve them food.

6. Maintaining my baby vegetable garden and the millions of 
other plants in my family's backyard. 

7. Enjoying my backyard which means corn hole, jumping on the trampoline
and swimming. 

8. Watching the Bachelorette and Girls every week. LOVE THEM!
I was definitely a fan of Emily this week. She really showed those boys who's
boss! You go girl! 

I will try to be more consistent, I promise. :)

1 comment:

laurenjeanallece said...

Sounds like summer is off to a great start! Keep having fun lady :)