Growing up

On Growing Up...

When I was little everything seemed unfair and simple. I always felt
older than I really was and felt that I should be treated as old as I felt
 I carefully planned out sentences as to not sound trivial,
 especially around older peers, and was quick to laugh 
but not to participate in the joke telling. I was
an observer to the extreme. 

Not too much has changed. 

As I continue to grow, I'm constantly amazed by what I learn each day.
The people you think are going to be in your life for some time often aren't
and it will really fricken hurt, and the people you least expected to pick you up when
you crumble are the ones by your side now. Family never falters but 
friends constantly change. As a person that deals with change at a 
very slow pace, friends coming and going takes a lot of adjusting of the 
mind and heart. 

I love that I learn new things about me and my surroundings each day,
as hard as those lessons may be, and I hope to never lose
that spirit that I've carried with me as a child to an adult. That
quiet awe of the world around me and my ability to take in 
bits and pieces of every day and digest them in my own time.

 But if I've learned anything, it's this: 
growing up is no easy feat. 

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