She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

I'm linking up with Michaela today for her She Loves me, She Loves Me Not 
link up party! So without further adieu... here we go!

She Loves Me:

1. Drinking out of Mason jars. Especially cold iced tea. :)

2. Coffee made from specialty coffee shops. Always tastes better!

3. My new skirt from Anthropologie. I'm in love! Plus it was on sale!!

 4. Anthropologie home goods. I may have house fever right now 
but I am in love with everything Anthro has for the home. 

5. Downtown Sacramento. I've gone so much within the past month that I'm
calling myself an old pro navigating those one way streets. 

She Loves Me Not:

1. This past weekend, the weather in Sacramento was in the 100's and I had
to work outside all day Saturday and Sunday. This was my 'I'm
not ready for this but have to brave the heat anyways' face. 

2. Losing people you thought would be in your life for a long time. 

3. The price of gas in California! Ouch!

1 comment:

Michaela said...

Oh, Anthro! Always amazing. Your skirt looks so fun!! And wowza, I know..the heat is killing me! I'm sorry you had to work outside in it. Thanks for linking up, Allie :)