My love letter to Nora Ephron

When I was in middle school, I discovered When Harry Met Sally. One lonely night
I played the movie that would forever stay with me and for the duration of the film I was
able to escape my middle school hell and dive into Sally's life.

 Any one that has spent some period of time with me knows that this movie is not 
only an absolute favorite of mine, but holds a very special place in my heart. 
I can quote lines like there's no tomorrow and I still dream of my own personal
Harry. Someone who is funny, charismatic, pretends to not care but truthfully cares
with his whole being, and willing to question the big thoughts of life. 

 As I've grown, another one of Nora's movies has taken precedence in my heart and
happens to have one of my favorite actors (Tom Hanks) in it as well: You've Got Mail.

I love how very unapologetically '90's this movie is and the fact that Kathleen owns
a tiny bookstore out of a fairytale, loves daisies (a favorite of mine), and struggles with
accepting the developing technological times and yearning for the simple days
not too long ago. Of any character in a movie, I feel closest to dear Kathleen
Kelly. Because even when she is trying to muster the energy to fight off the 
big ole Joe Fox (F.O.X.), mentally preparing herself for battle and fighting the air, 
 you can tell she would never hurt a fly much less ruin 
someone's business. (But it's the thought that counts.)

Nora Ephron created great female protagonists and never apologized for
creating vulnerable yet strong women. I will miss her creative genius in the world
but for now I will watch my favorites and thank her for her work. 

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laurenjeanallece said...

I can't believe she's gone :( What a sweet little tribute - I think we all owe a lot to Nora.