A New Favorite

I want to talk about the Bachelorette for a minute. If you didn't know,
I'm a huge fan of this franchise. (Besides the Bachelor Pad. Just no.)
My family and I love watching it every week and commenting on literally
everything like Emily and the boys can hear us. 

For a while I wasn't the biggest fan of Jef with one F because I thought
he was WAY too cool for Emily. I mean really, this guy is about as cool
as they come and is such a genuinely nice person! But lately I've been changing
my mind and I may be converting to team Jemily.  Hear me out:

Look at that face! And those glasses! I want Jef for myself to be honest,
but if that's not going to happen then I want him to be with Emily.

But not only is he cool, he is the co-founder of this amazing company
called People Water (below). 

Seriously? Major props in my book. Below his name it just said
Entrepreneur which as my sister pointed out, a lot of the time means
unemployed. But this guy is far from unemployed. He started
up this company with his buddies and now travels all over bringing clean
water to people in need.

Basically, he's the best.



kelsie fennell said...

I'm on the Jef with one F bandwagon too. I love him.

his little lady said...

ha, jemily. i love it!!!!! and seriously, if i weren't married, i would totally have him to myself too! in love!
xo TJ