A New Obsession

Have you guys heard of a Smash Book?
(No, not like Mean Girls... though that's what I thought at first...)

A Smash Book is basically a scrapbook but it has some
of the work already done for you! (Basically my dream.)
In addition to what you may already own craft-wise,
you can also purchase small items to enhance your smash
book like stickies, quote books, fun tape etc.

My sister totally got me hooked and now I'm all
into "smashing" my high school memories. I can't
wait to buy the International book for when I study

The picture above is my page using my corsage roses
from my high school dances. :)

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Bailey Jean said...

I bought the international smashbook for my study abroad trip and I'm loving it! I can't wait to print all my instagrams and get them in there. So fun!