Why Hello There!

I'm Back! I'm also exhausted. This week has been a whirlwind
but a blast all the same. We stayed in 4 different places in one week.
There were 3 bed and breakfasts' and one beach house and at
all times 5-7 people present. Lovely chaos.
Beach house view in Aptos. I could live here and raise barefoot
babies and live in a bathing suit with a constant shade of red across
my nose from endless sun. 

 My favorite sistors in Pacific Grove. 

The last destination--Carmel. One of my favorite places on Earth.
I feel so at home there. On the last night, my cousin brought his guitar
and we sat around a fire listening to him play and sing original

It was perfect. 

(non-Instagram pictures coming soon...)

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

I live in Monterey! It is always fun to see our town from other's eyes. Where do you live?