This is pretty weird because I'm typing on my phone in the San Francisco airport. I should almost be in Hawaii right now but we had an emergency landing in Sacramento that was headed to LA (my worst nightmare basically) and they then shuttled us to San Francisco where we now wait till 4 for our flight. Mind you our first flight was at 5:30 am.

I've already had a minor meltdown already and then realized how blessed and grateful I truly am for this past year. It has been stressful and confusing at times, I lost a loved one, friends came and went, but more importantly I feel closer to my family than ever before and I feel big changes in 2013. (Starting in Italy.) Ringing in the new year in Kauai isn't so bad either. Even if its later than I expected.

I'm going to hug my loved ones tight more than i have before, break down barriers, and really LIVE in 2013.

Join me?

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MMB said...

I will happily join you! It's always important to start the new year off refreshed and full of gratefulness!