Homesickness hit like a ton of bricks this morning. One second I'm watching 
E! and the next all the air is sucked out of me and the more I think about home and 
California, the harder it is to breathe. I try to push the thoughts back and remind myself
that I still have 14 days here but it'

This is the first semester where I haven't been home at all since I left for Arizona
in August. Sure, I've seen my parents because they came to me or I met them
in San Diego, but never once was I home in my safe familiar place. So many people
I go to school with live only 2 hours away and have been home numerous times
or they grew up in town so they see their family once a week or more! It's difficult
because you can't discuss this feeling of homesickness with them. They truly
don't know the feeling. 

When I was in elementary school, I played basketball. One of the worst feelings
in the sport was when someone would chest pass you the ball and it would end up
right in your stomach and suck all the air right out of your lungs. 
This is the only way I can describe being homesick sometimes. 

I'm ready for this semester to be over. And I still have 14 days. 

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