Let's Play Catch-Up...

Sorry for my absence!
I've been busy soaking in every moment of being home and honestly,
have not whipped out my camera even once. All the pictures below
are from Instagram or my friends cameras. Whoops! 
Here's what I've been up to:

Staring at our Christmas tree and beautifully decorated house. I'm in love
with this season. Seriously. 

 Christmas services at Bayside church with friends. The services are spectacular! 

 My sisters choir concert with the symphony in our town. We got to dress
fancy and my cape made an appearance. 

Last night my BFF Amanda and I got to take over the huge stage
at her church and play around with all the cool lights. I felt famous
for about 2 seconds. 

Other than this, my mom has been making me work out with her and boy, am I
sore. My body forgot what is was like to work out. (I know, it's horrible.)
I also wanted to remain quiet for awhile because of the Newtown shooting.
I was driving home on Friday and had no idea until a friend texted me letting me know.
My heart broke into a million pieces. I've been praying so very hard for all of 
those children and their families. 

I hope your Christmas season is filled with as much joy as possible. (:

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lauren jean allece said...

We've missed you around here! But so happy you're having a wonderful time :) Sometimes it's good to put the camera down and just enjoy being in the moment. Soak it up!