Bam Bam I'm Done!

Here is a selfie showing my excitement because...

I got my visa in the mail!!! Finals are over!!! I'm
going home tomorrow night (3am!)!!! 

So I am now officially (and legally) going to Italy ( my mom said the packaging
was pretty intimidating. So official.), I am a free woman from school and now 
have to pack up all my thangs to take back home, and then I'm outta here!!

I can't wait to sit around my Christmas tree with my family, think of all the things I am
thankful for this beautiful year, and hug every single member of my family 
until they beg me to stop. 

Fall semester, you've been a doozy. But now that you are over, I have never felt
more relieved and free. So I guess, thanks for that. (:

Talk to you guys when I'm settled in at home. Oh, and I couldn't put my coffee
down for these pictures. Coffee is obviously pretty important in my life.