Favorite Christmas Songs

Allie's Favorite Christmas Songs

I am the type of person that listens to Christmas music as much
as possible almost to the point of driving everyone I love away from me. 
There is something about how each songs brings back a different memory
 and emotion that really pulls me in and sometimes even moves me to tears.

A few of my favorites are any songs by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole
because they are absolute classics, any songs from Michael Bublé's Christmas
album that came out last year (I think), and of course, Judy Garland singing
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from Meet Me in St. Louis. 
Mariah Carey's rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is You" is up there on the 
charts as well. 

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

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Bailey Jean said...

Christmas music is the best! I have quite a collection and thanks to Spotify access to even more! My favorites include The Christmas Waltz by She & Him, The Christmas Song by Mindy Gledhill, Under that Christmas Spell by Tim Halperin, and Such a Night by Aaron Neville. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!