Constants and Consistency

I take great comfort in constants and consistency.

I breathe easier when I know I can rely on something/someone. Don't we all? I blame this love of consistency with my lack of love for Arizona and its weather. I crave seasons and that change that occurs every few months when you feel the air becoming brisker or warmer and you see the Earth embracing change with open arms. Arizona does not have seasons and it stresses me out. To be blunt.

I've recently taken up running. Mostly to make my body feel less foreign after studying abroad in Italy where food is all part of the experience, and then partly because it provides me with a constant. Every morning I go for a run and then figure out the rest of the day from there. But I have that one thing that is constant and it's nice. Summer has always stressed me out a little because it's so very loose. But that's also why I like it. It's a confusing relationship.

Much of the time this need for consistency and constants in my life causes me stress because there may be a lack of it and it also causes me to relax. I've realized I can have a mixture of constants and chaos within the same day and you know what? I survive. Go figure.

So this is something about me. And I apparently really love "C" words...

{also this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, and that seems to be a trend around here, but I just realized that the people seem like they are walking up to Heaven and it kind of puts me at ease.}


Nicole Marie said...

i've been trying to become a runner the last 3 weeks.... i hate it... seriously every step i hate.

Sara said...

First of all, that picture shows people walking which is completely relevant to running. ;) And second, I hope Arizona weather treats you well this summer! Props to you for disciplining yourself for daily runs. For me, it's a long work in progress... But we'll see!

MMB said...

One thing I have come (or tried to come) to accept is that this point in our lives is ever-changing. I get the love of routine though. Control what you can, and be open to what comes you way.

As for the running, can you run a bit for me? I would rather do almost anything than run!