On the Airplane

While jetting home from Europe to California, you tend to make friends with those around you
since you are all stuck together for 10 + hours. I just so happened to be sitting next to a man
who had a story to tell...

I opened up to his story because it seemed like one that needed to be told and one that held weight.
He began by mentioning that his wife had passed away a year ago due to cancer, and 
with pain in his eyes, you could tell he was still hurting. He went on to tell me the story of his
wife growing up with her mom and grandmother in Poland during WWII. 

By some miracle, all three women survived the Nazi attack with the help of a friend who
took them in and said they were Christians. Because of that woman's bravery and
courage, all three women survived and went on to live free and beautiful lives.

He went back to the town that his wife stayed in for the duration of the Nazi occupation
and was greeted with a welcome display of affection and love by the people of the town.
There were news crews and newspaper reporters lining up to hear about the Americans
that were visiting to finally meet the amazing woman who saved his wife and 
her family. They were celebrities in a town that had nothing but gave everything.

It was the kind of story that novels are written about. It was a story that could 
change your perspective on life and help you realize that people can be so
wonderfully good. 

He shared this story with me and I wanted to share it with all of you (though the condensed
version). I hope this story gave you a bit of hope in a world that really needs
a good lifting of spirits. 

{The photo is one I took in Lucca that has nothing really to do with the story other 
than it is a public display of love and this story is filled with love}


MMB said...

This makes my heart so happy. I am usually shy enough in public, so I tend to be closed-off. This encourages me to be a bit more open. I am so glad you had a fabulous/inspiring story to help you on your journey back!

lauren jean allece said...

WOW. Just... Wow. What an incredible testament to humanity and love and hope.

Welcome home, Allie!

MMB said...

Also, I think you have officially done #6 on your life goals...