Firenze with my Parents

{my dad just relaxing in the crowded city}

{Pitti Palace}

My parents had never been to Florence before and with two days to roam the city,
we covered a lot of ground. One thing we did which I had not done before was 
explore Boboli Gardens. If you are expecting palace grounds with a lot of green
but not much else, then this is your place. If you want flowers, I recommend you go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, my family wanted flowers. But hey, I got some nice photos out of it
and we got some exercise. One other cool thing we did was visiting this bar called
Volume in Santo Spirito. The decor is artsy and hipster and the drinks are great!
I definitely recommend dropping by on your next visit to Firenze. :)


Kelsey K. said...

So glad you made it to Boboli Gardens! I love it there! Bardini Gardens is right next to it and it's definitely more quaint - that's where the flowers are! Haha, next time!

lauren jean allece said...

I love Florence! Such magical memories of that city :) Boboli was so much fun when I was there but it was probably because my best friend and I decided to recreate the ballroom scene from Beauty & the Beast at one point with him twirling me through the rain, at which point it quickly became a recreation of Singin' in the Rain. I think we sang musicals all the way through that place!